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About Us

About Us

Here at Rapid-IT, we are one of South Wales’s leading IT and digital telephony providers. We dedicate our team of certified IT professionals to make your business reach its full potential. We are based in the Beacon, Dafen in Llanelli situated on the M4 corridor.


Are you tired of IT and telephony support letting you down? Rapid-IT has a proud 100% customer satisfaction record.   We believe that customer service is paramount to the success of achievement. We understand the importance of listening to our customers specifications and feedback, so that you feel you get the most for your money, just ask our clients.


Don’t pay a premium sum and get a substandard service, here at Rapid-IT, we believe that people should get the most for their money and so we provide a leading example to other Managed IT providers on how projects should be carried out and how customer satisfaction is so important to the success of a business.


We simply do all the hard work for you, taking responsibility for running IT, Telecoms Systems, Network Infrastructure and Cloud computing.


Together, we can deliver the solution your business needs and value engineer our products and

services to fit your budget.


Whatever you need, we have multi-disciplined IT practitioners with 15 years experience ready for the next opportunity to tackle customers problems or ambitions.


Together, we work as a team to deliver you the best solution, wherever, whenever you need.

So.. Why not switch provider today and experience the difference


What our customers say...


"Rapid-ITprovides us a morning check email at 7:30am every morning informing us they have checked all our systems and that everything ready for trading. We dont even have to call them when somethings broken, they simply contact us and resolve any issue before start of Business day. Thank you Rapid"

   Emily Jenkins, Managing Director

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