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Our Promise

We are a formation of multiple small businesses and contractors that fly under the same flag to provide you with the business systems you require to run your business effectively. We simply do all the hard work for you, taking responsibility for running IT, Telecoms Systems, Network Infrastructure and Cloud computing.


Together, we can deliver the solution your business needs and value engineer our products and

services to fit your budget.


Whatever you need, we have multi-disciplined IT practitioners with 15 years experience sitting there with idle thumbs waiting for the next opportunity to tackle customers problems or ambitions.


Together, we work as a team to deliver you the best solution, wherever, whenever you need.

So.. Why not switch provider today and experience the difference


What our customers say...


"Rapid-ITprovides us a morning check email at 7:30am every morning informing us they have checked all our systems and that everything ready for trading. We dont even have to call them when somethings broken, they simply contact us and resolve any issue before start of Business day. Thank you Rapid"

   Emily Jenkins, Managing Director

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