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WiFi Device Management & BYOD


Manage Mobile Requests with Ease

WiFi Fevice Management

IT experts have to manage and secure smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. However, those entities are typically viewed and managed by separate tools. That adds risk and complexity.


To enable BYOD with simplicity and to ensure productivity, Rapid IT Mobile Control was built for IT professionals that want to enable mobile computing. Rapid IT Mobile Control manages and secures mobile devices, content, and applications with a user-centric approach that delivers the simplest experience for administrators and users.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Control provides an easy way to manage all your smartphones and tablets. Whether you deploy corporate devices, or your employees bring their own (BYOD). Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution handles them from the initial setup and enrolment, right through to device decommissioning. And our fully web-based console allows administration from any location on any device.


  • Manages and controls iOS, Android (including Samsung SAFE) and Windows Phone devices

  • Configures device policies and deploys them over-the-air

  • Enforces built-in security features such as passcodes and device encryption

  • Provides full loss and theft protection for lost or stolen devices

  • Builds group-based compliance policies

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile Application Management

Give your mobile users all the apps they need to do their jobs with the Enterprise App Store in Rapid IT Mobile Control. Push in-house and store apps directly to a user’s device.


  • Securely distributes apps to individual users or groups

  • Deploys iOS-managed apps for added control over app data

  • Password protects apps containing corporate data for extra security

  • Blacklists apps that might be risky or time-wasting

  • Supports enterprise purchasing of apps via Apple's Volume Purchasing (VPP)

  • Use the Rapid-IT Mobile SDK to add additional layers of security to your in-house apps

Mobile Email Management (MEM)

Mobile Email Management

Give your users access to corporate email in a seamless way, while keeping control of the email flow to enforce device compliance.


  • Distributes email settings, getting your users productive in minutes

  • Controls access to email via a secure email gateway based on the device health

  • Supports email containers, like Samsung KNOX, Touchdown or others

  • Remove all corporate emails, once a user leaves the company

Simple Setup & Maintenance


Our intuitive web-based console puts all common tasks at your fingertips. We've optimised workflows, so your admin can easily find all the data they need to quickly manage devices and policies.

Automatically assigns profiles and policies to users based upon their user directory membership

See the device status, its compliance state and whether the user is allowed to receive email, get network access or access to corporate documents

Our built-in, self-service portal lets your users register their own devices, change passwords or handle a lost or stolen device

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