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Cloud Hosted Desktops & Applications

Virtualisation Services

Move Faster, Work Better

and Lower IT Expenditure

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktps & Applications

Is IT slowing down your business? Or hindering growth? Simply contact the experts at Rapid-IT and we’ll give you a free no-obligation 30 day trial of our Secure Cloud Hosted Solution for free.


6 Business Goals to eliminate in 2017:

1) Spend less time, money on IT

2) Work outside the office & access work applications from home

3) Personal Tablets and Smartphones at Work

4) Reduce capital expenditure

5) Limited IT Staff or IT Experience hindering Business

6) Eliminate IT hindering your business

We will provide your Business a Smart Terminal and allow you to access your high performance desktop from anywhere on any device without hinder.


Eliminate your IT problems and focus on managing your business, contact us today to arrange your free trial.

Server Virtualisation Benefits

Virtualisation Benefits

What benefits can I expect?

The key benefits of having a virtualised environment are the reduction of physical servers that consume a large amount of floor space, the amount of energy required to cool multiple servers, overall energy consumption and most important the number of spare components you need to stock for multiple types of servers. Virtualisation technology is considered the “green technology” by reducing the environmental impact and the running cost of your IT infrastructure.

Reduce overhead on physical floor space and energy consumption, minimising environmental impact to an ISO 9000 standard.

Increase Business Value & Become More Effective

Improve performance and efficiency

With every new project, a new server is added almost by default to your existing estate often without any thought to hardware consistency and impact on the environment. This is when the virtualised environment pays for itself by being able to provision servers in minutes on demand, reducing the cost and impact to the environment. Simply commission a server from a template and off you go in minutes allowing your business to adapt rapidly to its challenges.

Disaster recovery & Business Continuity.

Business Value

The Red Line is the Out Line  

With Most businesses today use IT as the core method of running the business and when the worst happens, rest assured with a virtual environment that can replicate to an alpha site or a second server room. Virtualisation replication technology holds a replica of your virtual environment and shadow copies that are ready to deploy when your business suffers a disaster to reduce the impact on any downtime.

Consolidate your old hardware and reduce the chances of hardware failure

Disaster Recovery

Deploy your resources effectively

Your legacy servers are too often used in areas of your business and supporting these servers can sometimes be a nightmare. Take advantage of virtualisation technology and virtualise the legacy serves to a modern platform to take advantage of the hypervisors more powerful hardware to improve performance and reliability.

Freedom to deploy multiple Operating Systems

Consolodate hardware

Freedom to explore      

Your hypervisor in your virtual environment is not limited to a single operating system, it has the freedom to deploy multiple operating systems ranging from CentOS to MS Windows or host. Have the freedom to host virtual applications to reduce the amount of software you have to deploy to client computers.

Secure Desktop and Application Virtualisation Services

VDI Services

Enterprise Consistency & Continuity     

Desktop virtualisation empowers your workforce access secure business applications or data anywhere, any time!


Successful enterprises today are taking advantage of desktop virtualisation technology to satisfy the requirements of the mobile workforce.


Desktop virtualisation empowers your employees to use a secure desktop environment without the need to be sitting in the office in front of a physical computer. Your employees can access a virtual machine from a tablet PC, ipad or iphone at any location within your business or your customers premises or on the road. Your employees are empowered to use your business applications, data and files that are securely stored on a remote server instead taking the risks of mobile storage media, allowing you to keep hold of your valuable business data. All your employees need is an internet connection and the rest is history.



Security at its Core


A Safe Business is a Secure Business     

Your Deploying your desktops virtually enables you to manage the secure environments using a single platform to deploy any patches or new applications to your employees securely on demand. All your company’s data remains centrally and have reassurance that your employees can’t sell your data to rival companies avoiding embracing incidents that could undermine your business’s integrity.

Can your business benefit from Virtual Technology? Enquire today and speak to one if our experts.

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