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Business Networks

Business Networks

Don’t get complacent with Security, keep your network Fast and Secure

The Networking Experts

Network Experts

Rapid IT is can install and support the latest Network that exceeds the needs of your customers, whether it be a small local business or a large enterprise, we have the solution for you!

Network Expansion

In need of a Network or Expansion?

Rapid IT delivers excellent Information Communication Technology Services that are value engineered to give your business the capability of an enterprise class System or Service with an anaffordable price tag, maximising total cost of investment.

Business Systems

Give your Business the infrastructure it needs

Your business network are the veins and arteries of your systems, sometimes it can be bottlenecked by an installation that was implemented years ago before you replaced your last hardware or used your network to access shared and distributed content.


We believe a healthy network infrastructure is the foundation of every computer network. In non-technical terms, it is like building a 3 story building and undermining your foundation, we at Rapid IT have the expertise to help! 


Our infrastructure architects will design a Switching our Routing network for your business using the latest techniques to manage traffic, quality of service and security. We can implement switch-port based security protecting your network from any unauthorised devices on your network and Access Control Lists to make sure that no unintended traffic goes astray. Whatever your budget, we have the solution for your business.

IT Health Check

Network & IT Health Check

Don’t get complacent with Security, keep your network Fast and Secure

Business health check

Rapid IT will analyse and document your current network infrastructure and map your network and make best practice or enhancements to your infrastructure. We will conduct a full survey of any wired or wireless networks in your organisation and find the flaws that are causing you a head ache.    


Just simply sit back, relax and we will do the hard work for you and produce the answers to your problems. 


You will receive a full report detailing your current network setup and configuration and a route cause analysis of any defects that hinders the performance of your network, this can include but not limited to incorrect implementation of QoS, lack of broadcast control and iner-vlan routing.

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