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Telephony & Voice Services

Telephony services

Don’t be left behind with outdated communications platform

Voice Services

Rapid IT will install and support the latest business communication system, allowing you to communicate with your clients in the converged digital market, our experts will tailor the solution for your business.

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems
Cloud Solutions
SIP Migration
MultiSite and remote
Office 365 Migration
Skype for business

What kind of benefits can my Business expect?

Your Business phone system can be installed on-site, clould or hybrid solution using existing Cat5e or Cat6 infrastructure or a fresh install. We at Rapid IT will desing and develop the best phone system solution for your business without braking the bank. However, if you are a bank for financial services provider, take advantage of our FCA approved call recording and archive services.


  • On-site, Cloud hosted or Hybrid

  • Call recording and logging

  • Cost effective

  • SIP Trunking

  • IP Public address System

Unified Communications have transforemed business communication for the better by enabling people to connect to the office workplace whenever, wherever they are. This is accomplished by combining Voice and Data services together give the ability to manage the infrastructure centrally to reduce operating costs.


Our Unified Communication Solutions can offer your business the following benifits:

  • Call queuing

  • Inbound and Outbound call Mangement

  • Collaboration

  • Instant messaging

  • Video Conferancing

  • File Sharing

  • Tele Conferencing

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Contact Centres / Call Centres

Contact Centre

Rapid IT can cater and design the a perpous build solution for your contact centre wherether ot be  a small 10 agent operation or a large enterprise business we have the solution for you. We will generate the statisitical information such as trend analysis and provide your management team to make the importnat buisness decissions and help manage the staffing requirements based on trends.


Key benifits:

  • On queuing

  • Interactive Voice Responce (IVR)

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

  • Call recording and Auditing

Call routing and Business Lines

Business Lines

Rapid IT can safely and securly route calls internationally through our international proxy servers within the UK, Europe, Hong Kong and the USA over our next generation IP digital business lines. 


Take advantage now before BT decommison the ISDN 30 network infrastructure that your business phone system uses and avoid any distruption to your business.


Rapid-IT can reduce your business phone bills and cut the cost of legacy calls made through IDSN channels and make your telephony system more cost effective by takeing advantage of our switch today offers.

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